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When I walk through the fire
When I walk through the fire
The situation dire
Stuck in mud and mire
Being accused by the liar

Jesus you are with me
You are the strength within me
you walk beside me
I never walk alone x2
I (never never never) x2 walk alone

When I am down in the valley
The sun shines rarely
and treated unfairly
pay my bills barely

Jesus you are with me
You are the strength within me
you walk beside me
I never walk alone x2
I (never never never ) x2 walk alone

When my health is ailing
My strength is failing
My soul is wailing
Rough seas I'm sailing

Jesus you are with me
You are the strength within me
you walk beside me
I never walk alone x2
I (never never never) x2 walk alone

When I walk through the darkest night
All hope seems out of sight
In the midst of my biggest fight
Jesus you are my delight

Jesus you are with me
You are the strength within me
you walk beside me
I never walk alone x2
I (never never never) x2 walk alone

When all is hunki dori
Life without a worry
From glory to glory
Life's a happy story

Jesus you are with me
You are the strength within me
you walk beside me
I never walk alone x2
I (never never never)×2 walk alone

When you walk thru the fire
When you are down in the valley
When your health is ailing
Or when your life is hunky dory

Is Jesus with you
Is He the strength within you
Will you walk beside Him
Or will you walk alone
Will you walk alone x2

My Testimony - My Search for God
Is there a creator God there
Or is it all meaningless chance and despair

Are you a God of love and care
Or vengeful and uncaring as gods everywhere

Are you a God who is just and fair
Or like humans where true justice is rare

Are you a tangible God that I can see and be aware
Or are you just a force and invisible like air

Show yourself to me was my prayer
For they say you are everywhere

Wow what love and beauty and holiness your presence declare
But what are those piercing scars that your hands and feet bear

20180827 This World
This world offers no lasting Treasure
Its offerings is a drop in the ocean of eternity
This world offers no lasting Pleasure
Seeking it is sailing the sea of vanity

This world offers no joy of lasting measure
Nor will you find lasting peace and serenity
This world offers no excellence in disposure
Morals in the survival of the fittest is an absurdity

This world offers too much exciting leisure
That the soul may have no spiritual opportunity
This world offers too much sensuous exposure
That the soul may drown in a mess of carnility

Let no treasure keep you from heaven
Let no pleasure keep you from heaven
Let no leisure keep you from heaven
Let Jesus the way, the truth and the life take you to heaven
20171201 Holy Holy Holy
As the beauties of nature I see
As I ponder your great love for me
With wonder and gratitude I bow the knee
And with angels in heaven I agree

Holy holy holy
Beauty beauty beauty
Awesome amazing Almighty
Gracious glorious greatly
Jesus your love is astounding

You are perfect in every way
I see perfection in all you say
You are completely perfect every day
With angels in heaven respect I pay

Holy holy holy
Beauty beauty beauty
Awesome amazing Almighty
Gracious glorious greatly
Jesus your love is astounding
20171018 Only Way

Why the need for the Son of God to suffer and die
If many ways and many paths to God lie
How can all religions and beliefs be the same
When so different is the message they proclaim

Is the path to God determined by our sincerety and zeal
Even if the path is completely false and unreal
Will sincerety and zeal gain some consolation point
Or will the falseness totally disappoint

Did someone forgot to let God know
That all will find Him whichever path they go
That there is no consequences for the sins we sow
Was Christ's death on the cross all for show

Jesus is THE only way
Whatever others may say
Jesus is THE truth and life
All other paths lead to strife

20170925 Earthly Desires
Pleasures glittering like gold
Consequences misery untold
Millions succumbing, the story of old
Unable to leave the hedonistic fold

The idiot box enchants
The eye sees and wants
Idiot box Propaganda implants
Idiot box morality slants

Soap operas demand total attention
Even if the bible, prayer, family be shun
And many into his kingdom satan has won
Captivated by TV comedy and fun

20170702 A New Song
My saviour is sweeter than honey
Jesus is all I long for
dearer than gold or money
Jesus is all I adore

Thy love amazes me
Undeserved and so free
Thy life thou gavest me
I will now live for thee

To all who hear this my plea
The saviour waits at the door
Sin and worldly pleasures flee
His knocking don't ignore

Thy love amazes me...

20170701 Jesus Coming
His coming is now no longer near
His coming is now here
No more time now for grog and the beer
Repent now with trembling and fear

soon the trumpets you will hear
He will remove those who hold him dear
then evil will rule and reign in full gear
causing suffering and trouble so severe

are you ready, are you awake, the signs watching
can you see His coming, His approaching
this is not the time to relax or TV watching
But time to pray and do some soul searching

-Author Unknown.

The Maker of all human beings is recalling all units manufactured, regardless of make or year,
due to a serious defect in the primary and central component of the heart.

This is due to a malfunction in the original prototype units' code names Adam and Eve,
resulting in the reproduction of the same defect in all subsequent units.

This defect has been technically termed "Sub-sequential Internal Non-Morality" or
as it is more commonly known and primarily expressed, "S.I.N."

Some other symptoms include:
1. Loss of direction
2. Foul vocal emissions
3. Amnesia of origin
4. Lack of peace and joy
5. Selfish or violent behavior
6. Depression or confusion in the mental component
7. Fearfulness
8. Idolatry
9. Rebellion

The Manufacturer, Who is neither liable nor at fault for this defect,
is providing factory-authorized repair and service free of charge to correct this SIN defect.

The Repair Technician, Jesus, has most generously offered to bear the entire burden of the staggering
cost of these repairs. There is no additional fee required!

The number to call for repair in all areas is: P-R-A-Y-E-R

Once connected, please upload your burden of SIN through the REPENTANCE procedure.
Next , download ATONEMENT from the Repair Technician, Jesus, into the heart component.

No matter how big or small the SIN defect is, Jesus will replace it with:
1. Love
2. Joy
3. Peace
4. Patience
5. Kindness
6. Goodness
7. Faithfulness
8. Gentleness
9. Self control

Please see the operating manual, the B.I.B.L.E. (Believers' Instruction Before Leaving Earth)
for further details on the use of these fixes.

Continuing to operate the human being unit without correction, voids any Manufacturer warranties,
exposing the unit to dangers and problems too numerous to list and,
will result in the human unit being permanently impounded.

For free emergency service, call on Jesus.

The human being units NOT responding to this recall action will have to be scrapped in the furnace.

The SIN defect will not be permitted to enter The Maker's facility, Heaven,
so as to prevent contamination of that facility.

Thank you for your PROMPT attention!,

GOD,The Maker

P.S. Please assist where possible by notifying others of this important RECALL Notice.

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