Casper And Misty

Casper n Misty

I share my home with two cats, Casper and Misty. Casper is very active and playful but Misty loves to sleep.
She also loves eggs and cheese, but Casper loves dry food. Casper also loves to sleep on our bed when no
one is watching.
One day Casper had a bright idea. He sneaked into the cupboard and then sneaked away. When my aunt went
to feed the cats, she found the packet torn and half the cat food missing. She was so disappointed.
One day Misty and Casper were missing and we looked everywhere then we finally spotted Casper on top
of the cupboard - Casper was sleeping there right next to the ceiling. Then began the search for Misty.
She was eventually found sleeping inside the dog house.
When we take them outside, Misty stays quiet but Casper runs everywhere. Casper acts very naughty,
he hides under the car and he runs everywhere. Sometimes he runs outside the gate and we have to
go after him.
We have one more recent addition – a kitten named Pepper - he’s a cheeky cat and he loves cuddles
just like misty. So I have three cats now and they are very cute cats. I love them very much.
However, Pepper will soon have to go as we were looking after him for someone else.I don’t like
to put them outside because they cry and their cries are so sad and cute. They also love sleeping
together. One day Casper went in the room and ate the chocolates in the packet and the owner of
the chocolates got very angry and started to shout at him. The other day we made a chocolate cake
and Casper, Misty and Pepper were looking at the cake because they wanted to taste it but we did
not give it to them. I put it in the fridge so they would not eat it, but Casper loves chocolate
more than the other two.
My aunty gave some chocolate cake to Casper and he loved the chocolate cake so much that he wanted
some more, but my aunty said: “no Casper that’s enough for you”. He started crying, so she gave
him a little bit more and then he went away because he was very full.
One day someone was knocking on the door and when I opened the door Casper saw him and jumped on me
and I got a cut on my neck and I almost got killed and I could not even breathe, but I was saved.
And even the next day I did not want to go near him but then I got used to him and I started cuddling
him as he is very fluffy. Misty and Pepper are fluffy too.
Pepper loves sleeping on me all the time when I lie down on the couch. He loves to play all the time
and he has sharp claws.
When we give food to them, they keep meowing all the time. We give food to Pepper first and then to
Casper and Misty so they will have enough to eat. They have fun with me most of the time and they like me.
When I touch Casper, he bites me some times when he is in an aggressive mood, but the other times he
enjoys being petted... When I wash the car, my uncle puts Misty outside she enjoys being outside but
Pepper and Casper loves to stay inside the house so they can run around here and there and everywhere.
Casper and Misty loves watching television but pepper likes clawing the people on the screen.
Mizar Koya

Casper And Misty